About Cory and Danielle


It’s official! We have come on staff as missionaries at Calvary Chapel Bible College Peru for the long-term. I will be a resident teacher, administrative assistant, and mission trip leader. Danielle will be helping in the kitchen, with students, and mostly raising our new baby girl Abigail!. Read more below for our story!


Thank you for looking at our blog, and we appreciate your love and support. My name is Cory Kilgus, and my wonderful wife is Danielle Kilgus. We have been married for about 4 years (July 1015), and currently are living in Cajamarca, Peru. We are serving as missionaries at Calvary Chapel Bible College Peru, and we are so thankful that God has given us this opportunity to serve and bless the people of South America.

If you would like to read more about how God faithfully brought us together please check out our marriage story here: http://lovedemonstrated.com/my-marriage-story/ .)

My home church is Calvary Chapel Fort Bragg in Northern California. We are blessed to have an amazing family in Christ and two great Pastors that we miss dearly. For more information on our church visit: http://www.ccfortbragg.com/.

My wife and I served in a variety of ways at our church as the Lord had been using us at CC Fort Bragg for a number of years, while preparing us for the next step in our service to Him.  My wife and I helped with, and taught, all ages of the youth at our church, and love being around the kids. We have been part of the rotating team that teaches Sunday School, and have been involved in leading and teaching the different youth groups for the past several years. Danielle led up the snack ministry at our church, while I was a team leader in the usher ministry. Also, while we were delayed in our plans to go to South America this past year, God opened a door for me to teach a weekly outreach Bible study in the town of Mendocino in their own community center! I think Danielle’s baking was a major highlight as well. That Bible study and fellowship was such a joy, and we will miss that time of growing in God’s Word and fellowshipping with people we love.

My wife and I undoubtedly have a heart for the mission field. We love short-term missions, as well as our current full-time missionary work. Danielle has been to Africa twice and Peru twice on short terms mission trips, and wanted to be a missionary since she was six years old. I have been to Chile previously on a short-term mission trip, and God has placed a strong desire on my heart to see the gospel spread throughout the world, and specifically South America. We have been involved with any mission trips our church planned by either going or supporting, but always praying. We have a special affinity for South America, the people there who need Jesus, and our South American brothers and sisters that God has knitted our hearts together with.

Currently, we are in South America and took a 7 week mission trip throughout Chile seeing the churches throughout Chile, teaching the Word of God, and serving at Calvary Chapel Kaleo in Santiago. Our trip through Chile at the end of 2013 was an amazing blessing, and you can read more about that missionary journey on the front page (scroll to bottom).

We are now on staff at Calvary Chapel Bible College Peru in Cajamarca, and are so blessed to help with the work God is doing here, teaching the Word of God, and seeing many students from all over the world growing in the grace and love of Jesus Christ. We count it a privilege and a blessing to be in Cajamarca serving the Lord. We are so blessed that God guided us into permanent long-term missionary work after I graduated from CCBC Peru. Please see our front page for more details on our plans and experiences, and if you would, please remember to pray for us and all of South America.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our blog. God bless you!

With love,
Cory and Danielle

“For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” -1 Corinthians 2:2 NKJV

For more info visit my other blog: lovedemonstrated.com

For information on how to support our ministry visit our support page: https://gospelsouthamerica.com/support/

Thank you, and God bless you!


2 thoughts on “About Cory and Danielle

  1. Hi Cory,
    I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you. I read your blogs and I pray for you both on a regular basis.
    Jake will be heading to Peru in August, please pray for his mission to be fully relieved by our lord Jesus Christ.
    Love you and I am so proud of you.


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